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Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Goodwill… Good Day

Today was a Goodwill Good Day at Village Green Foods. A couple of years ago we were introduced to the #Goodwill employment program and it has been nothing but good for us! We have 4 great team members, Manny, Esteban, Alex and Robert who work in the production area. Between the 4 of them they have 1 full time job coach, Erica, who works with them every day and another job coach that comes in from time to time.

Today we had a visit from our local rep, also named Manny, and a bunch of folks from Goodwill of Orange County, including their new President and CEO, Nicole Suydam.

L-R: Erica, Esteban, Jenny, Manny, Alex, Nicole, Manny, Robert, Jodean, Kathy, Rick, and Kathi

Check out the Goodwill employment program in your area. Click this link and scroll down to Employment Works.

“Goodwill is the only asset that competition cannot undersell or destroy.” ~ Marshall Field