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Thursday, 26 March 2020

#vgfpopup update – we’ve added Jackfruit to the menu

We went and did it. We made a pop up. Remember that saying…

If you build it, they will come.

And you have! Thanks to everyone who is supporting us and our #vgfpopup. We’re updating the menu regularly. We’ve added more Vegan items. Have you ever wanted to try Jackfruit, but weren’t sure what to do? We have it. We make these items for one of our client and it’s really pretty spectacular! The choices are Red Carnitas type Jackfruit and Smoky Pulled Pork type Jackfruit. Heat it up in the microwave or grill it so that it’s a little crispy and serve it up in a warm corn tortilla with pickled onions and shredded cabbage.


Check out the shop and see what else we’ve added. And don’t forget your cookie dough!!

Place your order online at the website below, drive on over to Irvine, loop around the back of our building, show us your confirmation on your phone and we’ll bring your food to your car.

Thanks for coming to see us!