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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Lunch? At The Golden Truffle!

A couple of days ago I got an email from The Golden Truffle which is a fabulous restaurant on Newport Blvd. near the Costa Mesa/Newport Beach border. Emails from the Truffle are typically about a new menu item or an event, but this one was different. This email asked a great question… What ever happened to “doing lunch”? It’s actually an article by Stanley Bing that was printed in Fortune Magazine not long ago. Click on the link right here occupy lunch article to read the article – it is a quick read and it may make you smile or scowl or scoff or snort. And it’s a great question. Why not do lunch?  People call me from time to time and ask if we can “do lunch” sometime. Inevitably I giggle a bit and say no thanks, I don’t take lunch. I’m too busy.

What??? That’s what I said. I don’t take lunch. How can this be? I’m not talking about a 3 Martini lunch. I’m not even talking about a sandwich to go over at Joe’s Sandwich shop. No… I hardly ever do lunch.

2013 will be a year of change. It’s time we started doing business over lunch again. Make the time. Take the time. First lunch of the year? The Golden Truffle. Mmm mmm mmmm. Can’t wait! Copy and paste this address into your browser and as soon as I learn how to put a live link into a blog post I’ll make it a live link for you!