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Thursday, 20 December 2018

SOS Has Done It Again!

Every year we AdoptAFamily through SOS in Newport Beach. I remember talking about SOS with dad 30+ years ago. We talked about how important it was, and is, to support SOS and organizations like it who feed the underserved here in Orange County – one of the wealthiest counties in the country. Adopting a family and delivering gifts is always a feel-good thing to do. Sometimes we need a reminder that our lives our good and we are in a position to help others. So we do.

A few weeks ago we got the list of who is in our adopted family so that we could all go shopping and today we delivered a car full of boxes wrapped and labeled and ready to be distributed.

Here are some photos so that you can see what we got to see today –  in case you’ve never been yourself. The generosity is awe inspiring.

And THANK YOU to Karen McGlinn and the staff and volunteers (including the elf in the photo below) who make this amazing event happen year after year.