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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

VGF visited SYSCO Riverside!

SYSCO in Riverside is one of our vendors and one of our clients. They had a vendor show onsite today and we decided to take advantage of the opportunity to go for a visit and ask very nicely for a tour of the place. It’s been open for about 2 years now and we haven’t been for a visit yet.  Holy cow – did we get an eyeful!!


700,000 sq ft of working space – 700 employees – 150 forklifts – 60 truck doors.

It’s a gargantuan facility that appears to run like clockwork!!!


Here’s the team walking through a super-chilled room with a constant temp of 30°F. Brrrrrrr!

Super Chilled Room


Jorge, Sergio and Michele meandering through the dry warehouse where all the shipping and receiving happens.