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Monday, 13 August 2012

Why Iron Chef was in the house!

Now I can tell you WHY Iron Chef Morimoto and his team were visiting awhile back.

We got a call from some long time friends in the industry who needed a place with a great test kitchen to have a client meeting. They had been tapped by the Morimoto people to be a key supplier and called us hoping to use our facility.

Just a few days later we were inundated by a small crowd consisting of Team Morimoto and the various suppliers and vendors that were all involved in the finalizing of specs on some menu items.

Menu items for what? you might ask…

Iron Chef Morimoto teamed with Delaware North to create a new concept called Skewers which is  scheduled to open any day now in Terminal 5 at LAX.  It’s apparently been in the works for quite awhile and it’s now finally going to open to the public.

We had quite a group of people here over 2 days – lots of discussions about what size to cut the various proteins, how many pieces per skewer, what kind of skewers to use, to marinade or not to marinade (that IS the question!), and what goes into the marinade?

At the end of day 2, Iron Chef arrived to review all the work that had been done and success was ours! And theirs! We made some new friends and we’re tickled pink to be involved in the project… even if it is from the far end of the skewer!