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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Woohooo for Wahoo&#39s!!!

Have you seen the “new” Wahoo’s Fish Taco in Huntington Beach??

I was driving to a friends house the other day – headed out Warner toward the Ocean just as the sun was setting. I crossed Beach Blvd. and there, on my right, was the new Wahoo’s Fish Taco that just opened a couple of months ago. I’d read that they opened a new location in Huntington with lots of outside seating, but I had no idea! It looks like it’s huge… what a great place to go with a big group of friends on a sunny afternoon!





These guys really know how to do it.


I looked through their website which is always changing and updating. Then I scanned through 3 different articles about Wahoo’s and the new location… gotta love that Mr. Lee’s Chili Sauce is mentioned in all 3 articles!!


Time for a Maui Bowl and some onion rings with a little Mr. Lee’s Chili Sauce on the side!